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Discovering the heart and soul of the United States

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Welcome to Here's America: The Dreamers' Land! Explore the incredible culture, history, and character of the United States of America through engaging stories and narratives.

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A patented, interactive platform designed to create a fun and engaging learning experience.

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American Super-Achievers: Volume I
Book 1: The Day We Left
States of America: Texas
Jean-Michel Basquiat
American Super-Achievers: Volume I
Book 1: The Day We Left

What you will find in our library

Nation's Pioneers

Get to know the extraordinary individuals who have built and shaped the United States, from extraordinary political leaders, to groundbreaking scientists, to innovative artists.

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Icons and Wonders

Travel to the most iconic landmarks and natural wonders in the country and discover what they represent about American history, culture, and character.

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America's Essence

Explore what makes the United States unique, from the historical milestones that shaped it to the ambitious mindset that highlights each individual's potential for success.

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Engaging Stories

Meet various fictional characters whose stories will make your learning experience fun and memorable. Hazel, Carlos, Sparky, and many more are eager to meet you!

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Numerous Book Series, Diverse Topics

Our expanding list of original series addresses a variety of social studies topics

The American Quiz
The United States Presidents
Little Immigrants

Our categories of literature

Our expanding list of categories is updated constantly to provide you with the best selection of books.

Frequently Asked Questions

'Here's America' is an interactive, multilingual platform presented by Digital Publishing Inc. It's dedicated to exploring the rich culture, history, and character of the United States through a variety of social studies topics. The platform focuses on self-development, character-building, and social awareness, offering a unique blend of adventure, learning, and inspiration.
'Here's America' covers a wide range of social studies subjects including history, geography, civics, economy, government, and social skills. The content is presented through engaging stories, interactive materials, and insights into the lives of political and social leaders and iconic American figures.
'Here's America' is suitable for anyone interested in American culture and history, as well as those looking to understand the foundations of success and character-building. It's particularly valuable for educators, students, and individuals seeking to develop a success-oriented mindset in the context of the United States of America.
Absolutely! 'Here's America' is an ideal resource for educational settings, providing a comprehensive dashboard for teachers and administrators. This dashboard allows educators to organize content tailored to their classrooms, monitor students' progress, and effectively integrate the platform's resources into their teaching plans.
Yes, 'Here's America' offers a 7-day free trial for individual plans. This trial period allows users to explore the full range of features and content available on the platform. During the trial, you can access all interactive materials, stories, and educational resources, giving you a comprehensive experience of what 'Here's America' has to offer.
Yes, the materials on 'Here's America' have been meticulously designed to complement and reinforce the social studies curriculum typically taught in elementary and middle schools. While not intended to replace standard school curricula, these resources serve as a valuable supplement, enhancing students' understanding and engagement with key social studies concepts. The content aligns well with educational standards, making it an excellent tool for reinforcing classroom learning with additional insights and interactive experiences.